July 23, 2012

retro pink

This weekend was full of some fun events! Seeing The Dark Night Rises, going to a mini folk festival, and celebrating my sister, my brother-in-law, and my soon-to-be niece at a fun little baby shower. This is what I wore to the shower, and please excuse me if I look a little tired and frazzled. It was the end of the day after I had been running around organizing and hosting. It was a great shower though, and I will share some photos with you this week!

I loooovvveee this dress. Anything 1960's always catches my eye, but the femininity and little details of the pattern and lace sold me. I use to think that I wasn't really a "pink" kind of girl, but this dress certainly changes all of that!

60's vintage dress from When Decades Collide
Vintage wedges
Owl necklace from Aldo
xoxo Lo


  1. I love this dress! I wish to go to a folk festival - that sounds great!

    1. It was fun! My roommate and her boyfriend put in on, and their band played too (which my sister and brother-in-law are in as well).

  2. I just love your outfit it is gorgeous! Your heels are just as fabulous too!
    Georgia x

  3. you looked adorable sweety! Those sandals are so fantastic

  4. Not only is your dress a perfect vintage dream - i adore your heels! the color is delightful and they are just beautiful.

    i'm glad you had a busy but lovely weekend! it sounds fun and hectic! haha

  5. That dress is super pretty! You look so elegant in it. And I adore your owl necklace!