July 25, 2012

july sponsors

You should definitely get to know these lovely ladies and their lovely blogs!

1. Elise from Dear Family. Her blog is super adorable, and she has such a cute, easy-going sense of style. She also appears to be an amazing cook, and I love reading about her cooking adventures!
2. Jessica from The Jessica L Blog. Her style is so bright and sunny, and she can seriously rock a hat! I really like seeing how she puts together an amazing outfit on a small budget! Really inspiring!
3. Rachel from Rachel the Hat. This girl is a true doll. She is perhaps one of the most stylish mom's that I know, and she has a really great vintage collection!
4. Taylor from CoverGirl and Converse. Her blog is all about her daily inspirations, with everything from cooking, DIY's, to personal style. If looking for some fresh ideas, her blog is a great place to look!
5. Jenni from Jenni Austria Germany. This blog is certainly different from mine, but is really fun to read! Jenni talks about her travels around Europe, the people she meets, and the various cultures that she encounters. And she is pretty witty, I might add!
6. Kayti from Kayti vs. The World. Ok, if you want some great makeup reviews, this is the blog to read. For someone who wears makeup, but is terrified of buying it, I enjoy reading what Kayti likes and dislikes. 


  1. Aw! thank you so much Lo! that is so so nice of you :)xxx

  2. Aw, Lo, I love this! I also found two other bloggers to read\folllow! Thanks! -Jessica