July 31, 2012

quilted love

This dress reminds me of a quilt, which reminds me of being snuggled up with a cup of tea on a rainy day. I searched for a vintage quilt for years, and found this dress instead :) With it's variety of colours the styling possibilities are endless, but I mostly prefer to let the dress speak for itself so I paired it with a few simple, neutral accessories.

I wore this dress on my blog one other time, way back at the beginning of things. You can see it here, if you want to see some old, terrible photos :)

Vintage dress
Aldo sandals
Vintage sequin clutch
Ardene necklace

Hope you're having a good Tuesday so far! I've been impatiently awaiting the arrival of my little niece, who could be coming any day now! You can be sure once she is here, that I will be sharing photos and stories on here like crazy! 

<3 Lo


  1. haha aw, if you can't find a quilt to snuggle in you might as well wear it! i especially love those colors, they're so sorbet-y

  2. what a beautiful dress! & i have wanted a pretty vintage quilt for a while now too. :) i guess a dress is just as good!!

    1. I did eventually find a quilt! But this is also a good alternative

  3. what a fun dress! I am your newest follower :) i will be back!

  4. lovely! what an absolute beauty of a dress! great find hun. xx