July 27, 2012

baby shower!

Wow! This week has certainly gotten away from me. Here I am about to post about the baby shower from last Sunday, and it's already practically the weekend!

Anyway, a little later than I anticipated, but here are some photos from the shower that I threw for my sister and brother-in-law. Melissa wanted Dave to be a part of the experience, so we decided that a co-ed shower would be best. With that in mind, we vetoed the usual obligatory shower games, and just had a nice celebration time with friends!

The theme of the shower was children's books, and I had each guest surprise Melissa and Dave with a special book in order to begin a library for the little one. My roommate and I made little buntings out of old books we picked up at thrift stores, and we had a sundae and nacho bar (not together, of course!).

Sci-fi bunting for the dad.

Winnie-the-Pooh bunting. 

The most amazing Sundae bar ever!

Passing around the baby gifts.

Dave loved the little bathing suit!

My roomie Sarah made a peanut piƱata. Dave did the honours! 

It's a hit!

Everyone scavenged for the prizes, which included little Lego men, pirate tattoos, and little bow hair elastics.

It was so much fun celebrating the little one whose arrival we are all impatiently waiting for! I think my sister is quite ready to be done being pregnant, and ready to meet her daughter. I know I'm VERY ready to meet my niece. So come baby, come! 

xoxo Lo


  1. I love the idea of starting a library for the little one! The winnie-the-pooh bunting is adorable too! New follower, by the way! (:

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  2. So adorable! & looks so fun xx


  3. That's cute and that hanging bee hive are cool and the idea of putting a candies on it is amazing.Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower

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