July 9, 2012

a happy coincidence

Rob and I were seeking out a location for outfit photos, and came across an alleyway with one red building and one brown building; colours that just happened to match my outfit! I also found a lovely little heart necklace and brown bow ring at Forever 21 that same day. I didn't even notice that they were a perfect compliment to my outfit until after I had purchased them! Some times things just work out in your favour :)

Tee from Garage
Piperlime wedges
Vintage skirt
Vintage western belt
Heart necklace and bow ring from Forever 21
Vintage bag

Here's hoping that you have a few happy coincidences this Monday!

xoxo Lo

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  1. Your hair looks AWESOME! So, so pretty. Love this outfit so much! The skirt is just perfect and the simple t-shirt and wedges and pops of brown are just lovely!

    1. Thanks lady! My hair had actually been a bit destroyed from the humidity. It has waayyy more curl to it at teh beginning of the day. I was afraid it looked a bit silly, so thanks for the encouragement!

  2. You are so gorgeous! That ring is perfect!

  3. That skirt is perfect. I LOVE that it has pockets. Pockets are always a selling point for me.
    Also, you have such pretty hair!
    And I love that the alleyway matches your outfit. Hehe.

  4. That's an eye catchin' skirt!

  5. Oh, I absolutely ADORE this outfit! Such cuteness everywhere including your ring and necklace! You're lucky you can find various backdrops without strangers bothering you or getting in your way! -Jessica

    1. Actually this ally was unusually busy! haha! So we kept having to wait for people to pass through.