February 27, 2011

sunday comforts

Sundays are, and have always been, my favourite day of the week. I try and leave the day free of school work or house work, and just take time to see friends or relax. I usually go to church in the morning and catch up with friends I haven't seen all week, and then on occasion we all go for lunch or brunch somewhere. But then there are other Sundays, like this one, where I come home and spend a quite day by myself...and enjoy some of my favourite comfortable Sunday things.

Big comfy sweater for hanging around in.

A good book.  This one currently.....

Comfort food! My Grandma used to always make us tuna melts when we were kids, so whenever I eat them, they make me feel little again!

Hopefully you have a few favourite Sunday things. I'm about to go spend some time searching the movies on Netflix. Enjoy the last day of your weekend!


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