February 15, 2011

date night

Last night the man and I went out for a Valentine's Day dinner. We had originally planned on dinner and a movie, but boyfriend has been sick with a cold and I am bogged down with school work, so we vetoed the movie. We didn't really celebrate V-day last year, because its not that important of a "holiday" to us, but this year it seemed like a good excuse for a little quality time together. Valentine's Day is also special for us because 2 years ago on Valentine's weekend, we met for the first time :). I never would have guessed then that we would be as in love as we are now. Also, Valentine's weekend 2 years ago was also when my sister (check out her blog here) started dating the love her life as well, who she would marry 6 months later. So I guess this time of year does hold some sort of magic. And, since its so cold, its a good excuse for a good cuddle.

So last night, RB and I headed to Epicure, a restaurant that we went to for the first time this past summer. Great french cuisine, with a laid-back cafe atmosphere.

That fish is actually what I had the first time we went there.
I wore a new shirt for the occasion,

Date Wear: shirt from Forever 21, vintage belt, Cheap Monday jeans, and vintage flats
and boyfriend got me an amazing Marie Antoinette necklace from my friend's Etsy shop (Fierce Deer Designs). He has such good taste ;)

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day as well! But most of all, I hope you feel TONS of love all year long!