February 10, 2011

camera lust

I've recently had my passion for photography rekindled. It's been about a year lull. I'm not sure why, other than to say that I was feeling uninspired. But since creating this blog, I've pulled my camera out of its dusty case and have been slowly taking more photos. The next step is to get out my film slr. Since getting back into photography, I've been researching fun cameras that will lend to some creative inspiration. The following are the cameras that I'm lusting after. Once I'm no longer a poor student, my goal is to own each of them.

Holgawood - $48 from Urban Outfitters

Diana F+ - $49.33 from Lomography

Instax Mini - $130 from Urban Outfitters

Canon Rebel T1I - $799.99 from Henry's

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