February 10, 2011

a simpleton

I wanted to sit down and actually take the time to write a longer post, and when I looked back over my past posts, I realized that I wanted to write about living a simple life. Alot of my posts have been about possessions or objects or material items, but I don't want to give the wrong impression about myself. I've never been someone who needs a lot of "stuff". I find inspiration in the things that I put on this blog, but it is never my intention to be someone who is overly concerned with possessions.

I've learned how to live on a tight budget over the last few years, and I've discovered that I'm perfectly happy with what I have. Sure, it would be nice to have my expenses covered and to not have to worry about money, but I strive to live as simply as I can. I've never had grand aspirations of making tons of money, or having a big house, or an expensive car. I've learned that riding my bicycle (when weather allows, of course) saves a lot of money. I've learned how to cook and bake, so I don't spend money on take-out (and wouldn't you know cooking for yourself is actually healthier?!) I've learned how to thrift shop, falling in love with the idea of other people's "trash" (and maybe not so secretly loving used items more than new). I've learned how having tea at home with friends is actually cozier and more personal than going to a cafe.

Sure, I dream/lust after things that I want to buy, but I always do it with the mindset that I can save towards something that I want as a treat to myself. I'm not going to stop posting things that interest me on here, I only want to back it all up with the fact that I don't NEED any of it, (and certainly cannot afford the majority of it). But a girl can dream, right? And anyway, I can probrably find most of it in a thrift shop later ;)

I have simple tastes and I don't need alot to be happy besides the love of my friends and family, because, let's be honest here, that's the stuff that sticks around.

my sentiments exactly

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