January 26, 2011

Thrifty finds

Yesterday my sister and I made in impromptu trip to Goodwill. I'm off classes this week because the building where ALL my classes are held had a pipe burst and got completely flooded. As a result, my classes have been cancelled until they can repair the damage. So this provided a perfect opportunity for lunch and thrift shopping! We decided to head out of the downtown because often the larger thrift stores are fairly picked over and its hard to find a real collection of treasure.

Inevitably, we came away with several items each. I surprised myself and only purchased two items of clothing, while the rest of my findings were household items.

And now I want to share my discoveries with you!

A lovely colourful throw blanket, a yellow apron, a brown oven-proof stoneware bowl, a handmade cream lace tablecloth, a white Brown Betty teapot, and 4 cream cloth napkins. (Sorry the picture is a bit blurry)


The colourful throw on my couch! Fits right in! (And covers up my yucky futon!)

1 comment:

  1. These are amazing finds!! I really need to go on a Thrift Store shop with you soon. You are so great at finding treasures.