January 17, 2011


So unfortunatly I don't have anything too interesting to write. I have a whole weekend blog mapped out in my head and then I got frustrated and discouraged by the appearance of my blog. I've been trying to personalize and customize my blog, but as you can see its been fairly unsuccessful. And, as I wrote about in my post on Commitment Issues, I tend to quit things when I get discouraged or when it seems too hard. However I'm forcing myself to write even this tiny, non-topical post in order to see this whole blog thing through. I find that if I visit others blog, I get a little jolt of inspiration and I think once again that I can do this! And if anyone has any suggestions or pointers for how I can spice up my blog, I would love to hear it!

Anyway, all that to say that I'm about to show you some adorable pug photos, because thats what I'm thinking about.


  1. I am actually starting to think that pugs could be cute.

  2. STARTING to think! They are cute! The cutest ever! And some day I will own one!