October 24, 2012

the wind was our violin

Autumn walks in the evening are so refreshing. I want to try and get the most out of them before I have to be holed up inside for the winter. This was a simple work outfit, but I felt very fall-worthy in it because of the colour of the sweater. I love red, and tend to always wear red lipstick, yet I surprisingly don't really own any red clothing. This sweater is the only truly red piece that I own.

I think I'm going to have fun layering this short-sleeved sweater, and it just might inspire a few more autumn walks. :)

Vintage sweater
Aldo flats
Vintage bird pin

I hope you are having a good Wednesday. Tonight Rob and I get to babysit my niece Penny for the second time. We are both so excited, as it's nice to have some quality time with her. She's growing so much and learning new things everyday. It's really amazing to watch.

Do you have any fun plans for this evening?

xoxo Lo