October 5, 2012


Lately I've been feeling uninspired by my wardrobe (maybe even a bit bored with it). It's times like these that I feel like I have to go buy something new in order to feel interesting again. But lately I've been trying to control my spending and save money for more important "life" things. I find that when I feel uninspired with my wardrobe I can sometimes feel a bit insecure about how I look. These are insecurities that I have struggled with my whole life (and probably always will)...comparing myself to others...feeling not good enough...feeling like I'm just fading into the crowd...

As a very shy child and teenager, I was always off in the shadows, but once I found my voice and my self-confidence my goal was to stand out as much as I could with the way that I dressed. I've always been someone others would describe as "a bit different", and at some point I began to accept and be proud about that. And fashion is my way of outwardly displaying that.

At times I still feel shy and quiet and introverted (actually often times), but I like to think that the way that I dress expresses something about me and my uniqueness for all to see.

Dress c/o 5x5 Clothing
Vintage belt and brooch
Wedges from Steps

The neat thing is, that just as I was feeling uninspired with my wardrobe, a friend asked me to style something from her clothing line. A fun new dress to play with! The company is called 5x5 Clothing and every piece is specially designed and ethically made in Thailand. The story and mission of 5x5 is really interesting, so be sure to take a minute to check out the website and read about how the clothes are made.

Have a great weekend! It's Thanksgiving here in Canada (yay long weekend!) and I'll be spending it with family and lots of food!

xoxo Lo


  1. Awesome outfit! And I love your smile:)


  2. This outfit is so cute on you! That is so cool that when you were feeling uninspired your friend turned around and had a super cute dress for you to style :] The world works in mysterious ways. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!! I can't wait for it to be that time of year around here.

  3. what an adorable look! xoxo linds