June 21, 2012

a term of endearment

Temperatures are pretty hot here right now, so that means wearing my most summery dresses, keeping things as simple as possible with as few layers as possible, and wearing lighter colours. I have to admit, I kind of enjoy the hotter weather. I get cold very easily, and greatly dislike being cold, so the few precious months of warm weather that we get are certainly treasured.

How lovely was it of the person who named the sweetheart neckline, to name it after a term of endearment? Makes it seems that much more adorable and romantic. I love a good sweetheart neckline, but this is the only dress that I own with this design feature. Guess that makes this dress that much more special!

 Thrifted dress
Vintage cameo necklace
Vintage wedges
Vintage hand-made leather bag
Lace hairbow from Ardene's
Bracelets from Aldo

Hope you are having a good Thursday and that you're as excited for the weekend as I am! And thanks to MY sweetheart for taking these photos for me :)
<3 Lo


  1. I love all your vintage clothes!!

    Very creative title :)

  2. Looking beautiful! love the shoes :)

    1. Thanks so much! They are one of my fav pairs, and pretty comfy too!