June 13, 2012

sunset at queen's quay

Toronto has a beautiful waterfront area called Queen's Quay (pronounced "key"). I honestly don't ever visit this area of the city since I don't live close to the waterfront, but in the summer it's such a pleasant place to be, with all of the patio restaurants and boats on the water. I think I'm going to make an effort to get down here a few more times over this summer.

I had a hard time picking photos to share with you because it was REALLY windy and my hair was going crazy, so I wasn't the happiest with a lot of them. But I love this vintage dress, and couldn't pass up the chance to take photos in such a nice setting!

Vintage dress
Vintage broach
Vintage belt
Piperlime wedge sandals
Bracelet from Aldo

Have a great Wednesday my friends! 
xoxo Lo

P.S. So sorry I've gotten behind on replying to your comments! It's been busy lately, but I do my best to repond to each comment, as I appreciate them SO much and love getting them!


  1. Every vintage piece you wear seems like it was made for you. I love it!

  2. What a beautiful place, and a beautiful dress! Don't you just hate it when the wind messes up a perfect location? I'm never as graceful in the wind as you look.
    Your wedges are adorable, too.

  3. your vintage collection is enviable. You have the nicest dresses. Beautiful photos hun, from these pic's i wouldnt have thought it was windy.. just looking lovely!xo