February 13, 2012

Lo's favourite's 11

Haven't done a favorite's post in a loonngggg time. So here are some current favourite things in my life right now!

I LOVE this website. All kinds of neat information from DIY projects to fashion advice to fun recipes.

I HATE the smell of bleach, and I'm always looking for more environmentally friendly options. Here are some good suggestions from Tipnut using some natural items from around the house! Quick, easy, and natural!

Really fun and cute nail art! I'm going to get this done soon.

More Lauren Conrad (note a theme here?). This is a beauty website called The Beauty Department with LC, Kristin Ess, and Amy Nadine. These girls give tips and tutorials all about various beauty techniques. Lots to explore here!

This is a recent tutorial I tried this out the other day from The Beauty Department, and it is really quick and easy. Great for mornings when you're in a rush but want to do something a little fun and different.

THIS HEEL from Modcloth. Drooolllllll


  1. omg, those penguins nails are possibly the cutest nails ever.. i want penguins on my nails lol! and loving the shoes!
    Popping over from modcloth style ambassador fb group :)

  2. Thanks Rach! Yay for Modcloth Style Ambassadors!! Checking out your blog now! Shall we follow each other?