February 6, 2012

Flashback: 1960's

I've been finding myself endlessly searching for photos of 1960's fashion recently. I just can't enough of the hair, makeup, and clothes. It was a time of daring fashion right after the "prim and proper" 50's, and the mini-skirt was the featured rule breaker. The trends also bucked the previous form-fitting esthetic, allowing for looser, more comfortable clothes for women.  I'm so inspired by that era, and currently have the need to incorporate some more mod pieces into my wardrobe.

I really love this look, with the hair bows and the high-buttoned collars.

Lots of leg!

One trend from the 1960's that I absolutely LOVE are the extreme eyelashes.

Bright colours and daring patterns were a defining factor in 1960's fashion.

I love this hairstyle, as well as the simplicity of this outfit. The pattern on the dress speaks for itself, allowing for very minimal accessories.

You can't talk about fashion in the 60's without mentioning Twiggy. She was the mod icon of the time, and set trends for decades to come.

Hair and makeup were about being as large as possible.


  1. i love the second picture! i want more dresses like that..


  2. This post! Oh my goodness, I'm in love. Wonderful choices for inspiration. You did a fantastic job of bringing out the best of 60s fashion. xx

  3. Thanks Theresa! Just checked out your blog. So cute!