January 24, 2012

inspired and productive

Hi all! I've been working away at my new-ish job that I started in September, and now that I feel like I'm mostly settled in, I want to get back to the blog world.

I really enjoy my new job at CANFAR but lately I've been feeling like I need to make my work space more "me". I've organized my desk using items from around the office, but now I think that I need to add a bit of personality. My coworker mentioned to me that she had read an article that said that the more personal things a person has in their work space, the more productive, inspired, and happy they are. What could be better than coming into work to your own lovely, personalized workspace?!

I started scowering the internet for some ideas for little items for my desk, and wouldn't you know, the world of office supplies is intense! There are so many neat things out there! Here are a few of my favs that I found.

Magnetic Birdie from See Jane Work

Smencils from See Jane Work

Sort and the City Desk Organizer from Modcloth

Floral Charms Push Pins from Ruche

Grand Old Timey Desk Calendar from Modcloth

Owlsley Desk Set fromSee Jane Work

I'm looking forward to eventually having a few of these things in my workspace (especially those adorable push pins!).

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